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Men Who Cry Watching The Shawshank Redemption

This photo alone will cause one out of three men to cry.


Several men, including the Deer Park Police Department, have remarked in the Readers Forum that The Shawshank Redemption reduces them to tears. A little research reveals that this phenomenon is not limited to the male Voreblog readership. For example, at a site called Film Fodder someone named “Hoey” admits that the ending, when Red and Andy reunite on the beach as the camera pulls back, gets him every time. He also, somewhat disturbingly, says that Seven makes him cry. (Hoey’s buddies, Fish and Rob, offer their own tear-inducing lists, which include Field of Dreams, Hoosiers, You Can Count On Me and Dead Poets Society — all previously mentioned in the Readers Forum.) 

Entertainment Weekly covered the subject in its PopWatch blog, with one reader, “Mozz,” commenting, “Dewd, the minute Morgan Freeman starts his final monologue I have a Pavlovian reaction and start losing it.” (My Dog Skip, Field of Dreams and Hoosiers all get mentioned here as well. As does Big Fish, which Lauren Steidl appears in as an extra.)

Then we found this on eHarmony. (We were there for research purposes only.) Everything on this list can basically be summarized under the categories dogs, war, sports, prison and death — implying that the ultimate guy-cry movie, we suppose, would ideally mash all five of these themes together into the story of a lame dog who gets out of prison after being incarcerated on false charges to become the plucky-but-still-lame mascot for a Cinderella sports team only to die when WWII breaks out and German bombers assault the gymnasium just as the underdogs pull off the greatest upset of all time in the state final. Morgan Freeman would narrate.

Ben also discovered a movie on one of these lists which he had forgotten about, but which sits on the trusty Vore VHS library shelf: The Iron Giant. He still has not persuaded Erin to watch it because, every time he suggests it, he feels compelled to add, “It’s so good, but it’s also probably the saddest thing you’ll ever see.” Men, this is not a convincing tactic to persuade your wife to watch a movie with you. The only way this would work is if you tagged the words “…and it stars Ryan Gosling” to the end of it. But really, if you want a great movie, watch The Iron Giant. Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) directed it. As David Edelstein once said of Bird’s movies, “[They place] him somewhere between Warner Brothers legend Chuck Jones and Michelangelo.”

Men, feel free to lay it all on the line here. Ladies, be there for us. That’s all we ask.


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