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Movie Review Haiku: Tropic Thunder

“Who haven’t we offended yet? Anyone? Bueller?”


Fake trailers, entrails,

Drugs, cursing and fat Tom Cruise.

Offend to amuse.




Meanwhile, over at the Voreblog Readers Forum, discussion has turned to movies that made you cry (for better or worse). Mark Hoobler and Andy Sweeney have bared their souls, while Stella Blue plugs any movie involving kicking alien heads or, presumably, head-kicking aliens. Join the conversation here!


One thought on “Movie Review Haiku: Tropic Thunder

  1. Hi Vores,
    I took my Rolling Stone review and condensed it into nine haikus. Here goes!

    Explosive gags and

    Combustible action. And

    I’m nuts about it.


    Major props to Ben

    Stiller took flak for past films.

    I confess I liked.


    Howlingly comic

    Hatchet job on the town that

    Made him a playa.


    Best in show has to

    Go to Robert Downey Jr.

    I stood up and cheered.


    Downey belongs in

    A comedy time capsule.

    Off-the-charts funny.


    Short, fat, bald, f-bomb

    Dropping studio chief has

    Big future. It’s Tom.


    Here’s the wow factor:

    A happy dance that must be

    Seen to be believed.


    How do you hate on

    A movie willing to do

    Anything for smiles?


    We giggle at the

    Clowns on view, but we exit,

    Laughing at ourselves.

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