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Pulling a Pamchenko: The First Voreblog Readers Forum

“You want me to put my hands where?”


We seem to have done a disservice by recommending The Cutting Edge in passing, rather than giving it the full post it clearly deserves. Since our friends obviously have a strong attachment to this modern classic, allow us to introduce a new Voreblog feature: The Readers Forum.

Some questions for thought: How has The Cutting Edge shaped you into who you are today? Is there a better Winter Olympics movie out there? Who would win in a head-to-head match-up: TCE or Blades of Glory? Have you, like Emily Huie, seen either sequel? And is there anyone left in the tv/movie industry who has not worked with Terry O’Quinn?

We invite you to comment below. Men, should you feel intimidated by what may be a predominantly female forum, please feel free to throw in remarks about how smoking hot Moira Kelly was.


25 thoughts on “Pulling a Pamchenko: The First Voreblog Readers Forum

  1. all I have to say is I didn’t see all of the third one, I had a date…er…some other social engagement. The first is obviously the most bad ass, the sequels are a dissapointment. TCE over Blades of Glory hands down.

    Second best winter olympic’s movie of all time: Cool Runnings.

    I have good taste.

  2. Another Winter Olympics contender: Miracle. I know, I know, it’s hockey. I can’t help it. I grew up in Detroit. It’s not my fault.

  3. I have cried at three movies in my life. The most recent, and the most demonstrative, was Cold Mountain. Good Lord that was sad. Hoosiers was the second. The third was Cool Runnings. Not out-and-out bawling, mind you, but when they pick up the bobsled and start carrying it, I got a little teary in the theater. Yes, I was sixteen years old when this happened.

    (Bill Simmons watched Hoosiers 250 times and then wrote about it here.)

  4. Ben, your comment begs for the follow up readers’ forum topic……

    Movies that have made you cry (for better or worse).

  5. Tad, your suggested topic seems to have already taken over this forum. Are you willing to share which movies have moved you to tears?

    Mark, what is Lantana about? TEP and YCCOM are both staples in the Vore VHS library.

  6. Hmmm…I cried at “My Girl” Yeah, MacCauley Caulkin made me cry.

    Since then I’ve limited myself to movies with explosions and/or kicking to the head. Or aliens. Or kicking aliens in the head.

  7. Felicity, although adorable, kind of pissed me off for stringing the two guys along. I did tear up a little during the episode of ER where Dr. Greene died. I also cried a little the first time I saw Patrick Bateman flexing and pointing to himself in the mirror.

  8. I cried during Mr. H’s Opus. I cried during E.T. I cried during Drive Me Crazy (Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier to the uninitiated). I cried during Princess Diaries. I cried 5 minutes ago watching a commerical. Let your tears go. It’s cleansing.

  9. TCE has shaped me in more ways than I can count… I have developed many friendships because of a shared love of TCE (Meg Orr). It has also given me an appreciation of tequila. I plead the 5th on the question of seeing the sequels.

  10. As an teenager or adult:

    -Field of Dreams: “Hey Dad? You wanna have a catch?”
    -Dead Poet’s Society: “O Captain, My Captain.”
    -Blue Chips: Shaq is just. so. damned. good.
    -Kazaam: see Blue Chips

    As a child (at least I think I cried at these):
    -Where the Red Fern Grows: even after having read the book.
    -The Secret of Nimh: not really sure why.
    -The Neverending Story: when Artax the horse sinks in the quicksand and this

  11. Everytime I watch, no matter what:

    Shawshank Redemption
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    and, I shit you not,
    My Dog Skip

    Skip, all old and feeble, is seen struggling to reach the top of his owner’s bed. The child has grown up, gone off to college, leaving Skip alone. He reaches the top, laying on the sheets, which surely remind him of his best friend, closes his eyes, and passes away.

    Tears, my friends, buttloads of tears.

  12. I am filled with so much emotion right now about The Cutting Edge…that I don’t even know where to begin!! I’ve seen this movie probably more than any other movie. I do have to agree with Katie about tequila. Before I even drank alcohol tequila was my favorite (all because of TCE), and now it is still my favorite. I could go on and on…but I will refrain. BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I was prepared to cry during Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, but it was not at all what I expected.

    I cried during Starship Troopers. For Paul Verhoeven’s stunted aesthetic and emotional vapidity.

  14. TCE is one of the reasons our group of friends in high school didn’t do drugs or drink…we sat in the basement eating cookies and watched TCE. I give partical credit to TCE for our wonderful bubble.

  15. Of the Vores’ movies we have gone through and watched:

    The English Patient and You Can Count On Me usually get us, esp. Sgt. Tuffer. Lt. Dirksmither was in ‘Nam, so your VHS copy of In Country with Bruce Willis makes him hoot like a baby. (We were wondering if you had any plans to upgrade this to DVD?) I really like On Golden Pond, but it looks like someone (a big cat maybe?) threw up on your copy of this one.
    But Matthew Leathers is right. If you dont want to see a bunch of grown men sobbing all over each other, you’d better not give them a copy of The Shawshank Redemption. But we do already have yours, and so we all watch it together every Thurs. at 9. (Pls dont call 911 during this time; we’re with Red and Andy)

    Also, we lost the password to your acct on iTunes. Pls advise.

    Stay safe,
    Lt. Van Der Gooten

  16. I admit, I can easily tear up during tear-jerky moments in movies. But there are two movies that break me down like a five year old girl going off to school for the first time. 1) Steel Magnolias and 2) Reign over Me. Sandler should have won an Oscar for that…saddest movie ever.

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