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Tiny People

We would like to use this space to officially welcome four babies (and one baby blog) to the world:

  • Maxwell Patrick Morgan (July 1), who strikes the Heisman pose when he gets burped;
  • Ava Lynn Andolina (August 3), who’s hitting the ground running with a road trip to Rochester;
  • William Frederick Beekman (August 6), soon to experience the joys (and pains) of an older sister;
  • and Kyle Eric Cicak, born this very afternoon, who you can see (soon) at

Welcome, babies, and you too, baby blog.

You newborns are probably asking yourselves, What do Unkie Ben and Aunt Erin bring to the table? You’ll soon begin sorting out your favorite aunts and uncles, and we’d like to weasel our way into your hearts. Here’s what we can offer:

  • Absolutely no discipline. We’re not uptight like your parents … we’re cool and laid back! We’ll let you stay up late and run around naked and do whatever else your heart desires.
  • Lots and lots of sugar. Whatever your parents won’t let you eat, we’ve got it in the Vore pantry. Need a sugar fix? Gotta have some ice cream before bed? Head on over to the Vores!
  • Indoor Sandbox. And by “indoor sandbox” we mean Scooter’s litterbox.
  • Bedtime Stories. And by “bedtime stories” we mean Law & Order: Criminal Intent at eleven thirty with everyone’s favorite storyteller, Vincent D’Onofrio.
  • Poker and R-rated Movies. Sick of Baby Einstein and Barney? Get some real culture at the Vores. Nothing says good parenting like no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em and a Sopranos marathon.

We think this is a very attractive package. We hope you’ll accept. You know where to reach us.

And finally, did someone say B-A-B-Y by the Brunettes?  Yes please!


One thought on “Tiny People

  1. Stella is wondering if she’s invited over to Unkie Ben and Auntie Erin’s house even though she isn’t one of the most recently born???

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