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Various Items

1) We are pleased to welcome Bevin Beers to the world of blogging. You can check out Sea-Swimming here. She also agrees that you should buy the new Sigur Ros immediately. But read her blog first.

2) We have been informed by the Deer Park Police Department that we should be able to reclaim our Macbook, iPod and digital camera sometime in early August after our thief goes to trial. Until then, those who have requested to see a picture of Scooter Thomas will have to settle for this picture of another alcoholic feline:



3) In response to several questions from readers, This Day In Vore History will be an ongoing series telling, among other things, how the Vores came to be. But it will also highlight other notable events  in Vore history. For example, on July 29, 2004, according to Ben’s dayplanner, the Vores rented a U-Haul to get Erin moved in to our first apartment. This is actually a terribly boring example, so we promise to pick our Vore landmarks with greater discretion in the future.

4) There are some nasty rumors floating around about marital tensions in the Vore household over the new Hold Steady album, perhaps resulting in one-half of voreblog being relegated to the couch. We have no comment at this time. Ben’s brother Dan, however, saw THS Sunday night in Portland, Oregon, and was so close to the stage that he was sprinkled with Craig Finn’s holy spit. Apparently the bassist also thinks Dan’s girlfriend is attractive because he winked at her roughly twenty times.

5) Ryan Mecum is slated to visit Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati on Wednesday, October 29, to read from Zombie Haiku and possibly eat various customers’ brains. Mark your calendars now.

6) And while your calendars are out, if you’ll be in the greater Madison, Wisconsin, area on Thursday, August 7, go see Lion v. Fish open for Eef Barzelay at Cafe Montmarte. Eric Bescak might very well get arrested for any number of reasons, most of them involving misplaced-affection-gone-wrong-leading-to-accidental-assault on Eef himself.


4 thoughts on “Various Items

  1. Thank you for the call out, though I don’t know why we get buried at item #6 after your bourgeoisie attachment to electronics, some zombie poet and a drunk kitten…okay, it’s pretty cute. Still, very kind of you. In return, I promise to never tell you of the terrible dream I had about the both of you last night. Seriously, you won’t ever want to know.

  2. Eric, I wouldn’t take it personally that you were mentioned sixth. Ben has many strengths, but prioritizing and math are not among them. For all we know, #6 could = #1 in Ben’s diseased brain.

    Voreblog, I feel flush with power right now. It occurs to me that I have not one but TWO (that’s one more than one, Ben) pictures of Ben, Erin and Scooter Thomas. I think I am going to post them on my website, though. So I guess now it’s a race between me (and my terribly lazy blogging habits) and the Deer Park Police Department (and their offensively inefficient methods of “justice”). Go!

  3. Thank you for making my celebrity status known as the girl at whom the bass player from THS winked. I was wondering when, if ever, I would get my fifteen words of fame.

    I’m so glad you liked that pic of that amazing 12+6 string guitar. I didn’t even know how amazing that guy is. My ears are still kissed with white noise, but it was so worth it. I felt a definite surge of pride that I stayed at the front all night while Danny strayed into the back of the crowd. I made sure he knew that I was a much bigger fan of THS than he was, until he quickly reminded me that I owe my entire exposure of the massive nights to him.

    I’m going to scan an article from the Mercury and send it to you guys as soon as I can! Take good care.

  4. My math really is terrible, but my love defies mathematics. I feel such affection for all three of you for commenting that I have yet to retaliate against Eric for his dig against Cincinnatians in his Fleet Foxes review. I’ll just hold it in a little longer, until my soul festers to black with pent-up rage and bitterness. But at least I’ve still got friends!

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