movies, television, things that make you sad, Utah Jazz

Rejected Post Ideas

  • “Ways Aliens and Big Love Would Be Different if Bill Paxton’s Roles Were Reversed”
  • “That Thing That Happened To Us Earlier Today That We Thought Was Really Funny”
  • “Analyzing the Utah Jazz’s Off-Season Moves in Mind-Numbing Detail”
  • “The Names We’ve Given To Our Moles and Freckles”
  • “A Detailed Description of The Effect of Twelve Doses of Pepto Bismol On One’s Body”
  • “Instructions On How To Effectively Simulate Ben’s Famous ‘Shaky-Shake’ Dance”
  • “Ways Our House Could Be Cleaner, Starting With Ben’s Pits”
  • “Top Five Casseroles You Can Make Using The Magic Bullet”

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